Are Diversified Multimedia's software products compatible with most DVD drives and media?

Yes, Diversified Multimedia utilizes the industry's most advanced backup technology, the VSO burn engine. We constantly update all of our products to ensure their compatibility with the latest DVD burner hardware and blank disc media technologies.

Does Video Vault™ support high speed & dual format/double layer burners and blank disc media?

Yes! Our software works with the latest high speed drives and burners with double layer media support. This commitment to technology ensures that Diversified Multimedia's backup products work with more burners, blank disc media and have higher burn success rates.

Are free updates available?

Yes, free life-time product version updates are provided for all Diversified Multimedia Software products - the latest versions always available online.

Diversified's extensive R&D team works year round to improve performance and enhance features.

Our global team of software engineers work on daily basis with media and drive manufacturers to ensure the industry's highest level of compatibility.

How long does it take to backup a DVD?

No other company offers a faster backup solution. Most movies, even on older computers, can be backed up in less than an hour.

What makes a great DVD backup solution?

Core Technology, Feature Set, Hardware/Software Compatibility, Support and Guarantee.

What is "double layer?"

Double layer, when referring to blank recordable media, is a relatively new media technology that has two 4.37GB blank recordable layers suspended on the disk to form a storage capacity of approximately 8.5GB.

One layer is semi-transparent, which allows the optic laser to access the second opaque layer by refocusing the laser to a different length.

This is also referred to as a "DVD-9" recordable blank or a DVD+R DL.

(NOTE: This DL format is currently ONLY available in +R.)

Double layer (sometimes "dual layer"), when referring to optical drives, refers to drives that will burn this new media format.

(NOTE: As of this writing, these drives are fairly new in the marketplace. Not all drives are dual layer burning drives. Please check with your drive manufacturer if you are unsure if your drive supports double layer burning.)

Does the Video Vault™ Series support Mac OS?

We do not have Mac versions available at this time, but are being considered for 2006.

Is Video Vault™ compatible with all versions of Windows?

Video Vault™ is designed for Windows XP Home/Professional and Windows Media Center Edition.

Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, or any of the Server versions of Windows are not supported.

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