Where to Begin: Drone Usage and Requirements

From balloons carrying explosives over Venice in the early 1800s to remote surveillance of enemy territory in the early 2000s, unmanned aerial craft have been used for the last couple of centuries. The more modern concept of the vehicles was voiced by Nikola Tesla around the turn of the twentieth century and pursued by the military during World War I and World War II. Drone utilization in military operations has continued to evolve. Usage of the technology has gained an interest in the general public, as well, and has become a popular pastime. Anyone seeking to take up unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying needs to know just what the activity requires.

Drone Usages

UAV’s have had their place in military operations for over a century and continue to be used in such capacities. However, other industries and hobbyists have also discovered the benefit of drone operation. For instance, journalists, photographers and real estate companies use drones for aerial photography. Utility companies and first responders have found UAV’s beneficial to assess damage after a disaster. Drones can also be helpful in safety operations, such as storm tracking, security surveillance and building inspections. Hobbyists may hold an interest in delving into any one of these areas from an amateur perspective, but there are guidelines to be followed.

Drone Requirements

An important part of responsible drone operation is knowing the laws and expectations of their use. For instance, unmanned craft over a half pound need to be registered. There are requirements for flight altitude in order to prevent interference with other craft in the air. Responsible operators will obtain training on things like pre-launch, controls, maneuvering, and what they are and are not allowed to do by law with their vehicles. As amateur drone operators who may be interested in using the vehicle for photography, information collecting or mapping, hobbyists not only need to know drone requirements, but also requirements of the field in which they are interested.

UAV usage began as simple military strategies and has expanded greatly over the past two centuries. Individuals interested in operating a drone for whatever reason need to be trained in its operation. Silver Line Heli is available to provide just the training needed, not only to fly a UAV, but also for tips on using them in different fields. Responsible drone operation will ensure their availability for numerous and expanded uses in the future.