The Beauty of Lombok is Best Reflected in Its Gili Islands

The beauty of Lombok can be observed through the Island’s many beaches and beautiful smaller islands. It is specifically because of this that Lombok is regarded by many as a contender for becoming the “next Bali”. The island’s features and traditions can be compared to those found in Bali. In short, switching from Bali to Lombok for your next vacation is not something bad. In fact, it could be the next best thing to look forward to, especially if you are already tired of the kind of experience offered in Bali. Lombok is known for its more toned-down and tranquil retreats—this is one way to say that by going to Lombok, you will be offered with something different from that in Bali.

The beauty of LombokIndonesia has positioned the island on top of the list of most recommended places to go to in Asia. However, to say that the Island’s beauty is most represented merely by its beaches and smaller islands is a stretched. The Island is in fact a home to countless other tourism gems. Its waterfalls are refreshing and its culinary items are to die for. But indeed, when you go to the island expecting the kind of tropical holiday experiences, its beaches and smaller islands are on top of list of places to visit. And in this case, there is nothing better than the Gili Islands.

When you go online and look up beauty of Lombok instagram, you will get the big picture. The photo-sharing app is rich in pictures displaying just how truly amazing Gili Islands are. Located off-coast, the Islands consist of three smaller islands: Trawangan, Meno, and Air. And you are wise to choose to go to the islands. Each of the islands boasts different atmospheres but the three share one distinct similarity: they offer you the kind of island life that is a perfect getaway, a slice of heaven that is protected from the bustling city life. GiliTrawangan is the largest of the three and it is the most popular. Trawangan is a party scene but it is nothing like you find in Bali, though. Gili Air is less hectic and less crowded with bungalows homestays at the ready to serve your stay there. GiliMeno, on the other hand, covers both the vibrant side of Trawangan’s and Air’s tranquility. The top activities to do while in the Gili Islands include:

  1. Diving

While the Gili Islands are by no means the top spots to dive, they still sport the most interesting underwater scenes to take in, especially in Trawangan.

  1. Turtle hatchery visit

The hatchery is available at either Trawangan or Meno. You can offer donations at Meno and experience firsthand how it feels to release the turtles into the ocean.

  1. Cycling

As the three islands are significantly small in size, it is possible for you to cycle around the islands. The trip typically just takes no more than a few hours to complete.

  1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is an activity perfect for when you are in either Meno or Air.

  1. Enjoying seafood

Wind out after a day’s worth of holidaying with grilled seafood and steamed rice.

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