Semarang Tourism Destinations You Cannot Miss

It will always be a very wonderful idea for you to complement your holiday time by visiting the city of Semarang in Center Java, Indonesia. This amazing city will definitely be the perfect destination for your holiday for sure. It is because it has so many tourism destinations in the city that you will admire so much. Fortunately, you can figure the Semarang Tourism destinations below.

Then, here are actually so many options of the Semarang Tourism destinations that you cannot miss at all. They are like:

  • The Sam Poo Kong Temple

It is a must for you to visit the Sam Poo Kong Temple, which you can find on Simongan Street 129, when you want to go to the city of Semarang during your leisure time. This kind of temple is such one of the iconic and historical sites in the city that you cannot miss at all. It is because this sit can be the perfect place where you can find out the history and the cultures of the Chinese in the city as well as possible. Then, you can also find the distinctive Chines nuance and styles in the Java. So, it is no wonder if this sit has been known so well as one of the symbols that represents the diversity and unity in Semarang City. Besides, it will be great for you to enjoy the unique and elegant designs of the building. Most of the part of the temple, which is painted red and gold, will definitely blow your mind for sure. So then, you will get amazed every time you come to this place. Additionally, you have to pay the entrance fee for about IDR 15,000 or IDR 20,000 if you want to get in to the prayer area.

  • The Medini Tea Garden

Furthermore, the Medini Tea Garden is the other perfect tourism destination in Semarang City that you have to visit as well. This specific place will be able to offer you the fabulous relaxing nuance as there is the clean and fresh air. Not only that, the greeneries that you can see there can also offer you the fabulous views that you cannot find on any other places. In the other words, you will find that the sceneries can really please your eyes awesomely. However, it is so much important for you to prepare yourself as well as possible when you want to go to this place. It is because there are the difficult and tiring paths that you have to cross in order to get to the tea garden. Yet, all of that will be so worthy once you have reached the location and enjoyed the freshly brewed tea from the top of the hill.

After putting it all together, those are some of the notable Semarang Tourism destinations that you cannot ignore at all. All of those will be the incredible places that can make your holiday become more excellent. Thus, you will never be able to forget your holiday in the city so easily, and even fall in love with them instantly.




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