Choose Your Neurosurgeon Wisely

To find the best neurosurgeon for yourself, first of all get a referral list from your family or primary care doctor. You can also ask your family, friends and other healthcare providers to provide you with recommendations. Take your own time and look for the doctor’s credentials and experience in the field which will help you to short-list your preferences and then you can call the surgeon’s office to get an appointment to meet and talk with the neurosurgeon.

Research on the Credentials

When you are looking for a neurosurgeon, the board certification is one of the main factors which you must consider. The Board credentials will tell you if the neurosurgeon has the specific training and skills to provide proper healthcare in neurological surgeries. Make sure you check the history of the malpractice claims or disciplinary actions, if any, as it has the highest risks for malpractice claims. These claims will reveal the negative traits of the doctor and this information along with the doctor’s medical school, training hospital, malpractice history and certification will be available in the state websites. You can research and find the top neurosurgeons in India to find your surgeon faster.

Consider the Experience

Experience plays a very important role when you are looking for a potential surgeon for a surgery of your nerves, brain or the nervous system. The more experienced the surgeon is, the better will your results be. You must ask the doctor about how many patients with similar condition as yours has he treated to know about his experience with the specific condition. The procedure you need must also be enquired about, like how many of such procedures the doctor has performed to find out about the complications and their risks that the doctor has encountered.

Consider Gender

It is very important that you are completely comfortable with the gender of your neurosurgeon because, you need to speak openly about your condition and your issues related to it. Certain neurological diseases need you to focus on your gender as well because the treatment can vary for the genders. Neurosurgeons are skilled to care for women and men differently for the same conditions and you need to ask him about the experience he has with the patients of your gender facing the same condition.

Quality of the Hospital

The hospital needs to be kept in mind as it will be the place where you will depend on for your treatment or surgery. Consider the quality of care at the hospital before you go there for your surgery. The hospital quality matters because the top quality hospitals provide proper care to the patients who have to face lesser complications in comparison to the low quality hospitals. Two hospitals within the same town may vary vastly on their outcomes. You need to confirm how many times your family can visit you to the hospital when you are admitted there. The top neurosurgeons in India will help you to meet the neurosurgeon you want easily.